Topics include:

Movies, TV series, and short films of many genres
Kanopy Kids (pre-school age and up)
The arts
Global studies and languages
Media and communications
Social sciences
Instructional films and lessons

Included with your Kanopy account, you have access to Kanopy Kids: thoughtful entertainment for children aged preschool and up. Titles within Kanopy Kids are rated by age of the viewer and the Kanopy apps have a “Kids” mode which restricts access to “kid-freindly” content.

Kanopy works like this: Each Kanopy account is given a certain number of credits at the beginning of the month. Each title within the Kanopy collection costs one of those credits. Each credit entitles you to watch a single title as many times as you want within a three-day period without using your other credits.

Setting up Kanopy is easy:

Visit uintahlibrary.kanopy.com
Sign up for a free Kanopy account
Verify your email account
Verify your library card number

Presto! You can then begin watching streamed videos on demand in a computer web browser. Want Kanopy on your Android or iOS device? Roku or AppleTV device? No problem:

Install the Kanopy app on your device
Activate the app with your Kanopy account

What are you waiting for? Start streaming today.

This resource requires a library card to use it.

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